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It Makes Me Angry


During our first Friday Experience of PT this summer we recieved slips on paper filled with questions. Until I’m better at this whole blogging things I’m going to try to answer one of those questions in my blog every now and then. So here goes the first entry.

Questions on Purpose: 1. When you think about the world, what things make you most angry?

That we are all so selfish. That we are set in the state of mind of “what can others do for me?” It makes me angry.

That I personally get so wrapped up in petty things and miss meaningful moments. That those I love are settling with what they have and the circumstances they are in rather than doing something about it.  It makes me angry.

That I am shy in my faith and by holding back, I refuse to let myself be used to my full capacity. That I hate being wrong. That I can’t be who I am, so I don’t say things I wish other’s would hear because I am afraid of judgemental comments and looks. It makes me angry.

But what makes me the most angry is this: that we are all hungry for something. I remember once in the 8th grade, my table was looking through some book, which at the time we thought was ridiculous. But, we came to a line that read, “Have you ever been hungry? Truly hungry. For food? For knowledge? For love?” We laughed, wrote it on poster sized paper, and mocked the author for such an awful line in a novel. Of course no one is hungry for those things. We have McDonalds, school, and our parents; if no one else. But, aren’t we all hungry for something. For passion and desire. Don’t we all have gifts that could fill someone elses hunger? But are we willing to use what we’ve been given to make others’ lives filled. Do we feed the hungry? Educate those seeking knowledge? Love those who are unloved? In the book of Matthew it says, “whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” (Matthew 25:40). Yet, are we willing to step outside the comfort of the boxes we’ve trapped ourselves in to do things for others like we would do things for Christ?  It makes me angry.


Weekend with Dallas at Lake Texoma


29. Skypping with Erin after she came home from Africa!

30. BBQ’ing 20 hot dogs and 32 burgers. Really, bbq’ing for the first time EVER.

31. playing follow the leader with a train of cars, only one car ended up in Oklahoma.

32. CAN’T believe I forgot this, my car breaking down in DOWNTOWN Dallas. Losing all my transmission oil, Trying to find someone with AAA, and then towing my car and leaving it in front of Richard’s Chapel for two days because the car shop was closed. Augh. Luckily my car is fixed and running decently smooth, so far.

The Magic Moments of Week 2


18. Watching Alexis and Brooksie sing Harambee songs right after I suspended Brooksie.

19. Melijah needing several band-aids each day.

20. Dior’s mom, Chandra, singing to her after she smashed her finger in the side of a chair.

21. The kindness of the Food Bank Delivery Man.

22. Bob’s awful racist remarks towards Carm.

23. Bashari asking about God when he’s in trouble. He knows exactly how to melt mine and the interns hearts.

24. The heartbreak when hearing about the questions in the 5th and 6th grade question box in Bible study: “How do I stop looking at bad things on the internet?” “How do I make my friends like me” “How do I help my parents pay the bills?”

25.Friday Experience at Crossroads, especially the art gallery and getting to meet someone of the artist.

26. Counting hundreds of Sunny D bottles. We are incredibly blessed by donors.

27. Alexis hopelessness when she’s not on her medicine and hearing her say, “I’m uncontrollable” because that has been drilled into her mind her entire life.

28. Jeffery getting sick becuase he drank 6 cartons of milk in a contest. Ewww. No more milk contest at site!

Week 1


This summer I’m just going to blog little, hopefully one liners, that will remind me of the things I don’t want to forget from this summer. So, here we go.

  1. All the one-on-one time with Luz and being able to see how good of a reader she is!
  2. Brooksie’s face when I let her help me carry milk to the storage closet.
  3. Lowellaus saying  “can I please stay wit you”
  4. Bashari telling me he missed me on the first day
  5. the hugs from the new kids that I don’t even have relationships with
  6. seeing Jena come in to apply for a BLT place
  7. Dalton wanting to help me with EVERYTHING
  8. Alexis being a wonderful leader in 1-2nd grade
  9. 1st sunset at Lake Texoma
  10. being part of a church family who is totally in love with PT
  11. Asia’s attitude
  12. Thadeus with virtually no hair
  13. impervising during Bible Lesson on Thursday
  14. watching little Jesus get into the song “Get down”
  15. making Brooksie and Alexis work together after their fight (there hasn’t been another one between them since day 1)
  16. Luz, Jesus, Emily, and Melijah wanting to read during recess rather than go outside
  17. Emily telling us on the 1st day that she was the best reader in her class this school year because of the PT reading program

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