Week 1


This summer I’m just going to blog little, hopefully one liners, that will remind me of the things I don’t want to forget from this summer. So, here we go.

  1. All the one-on-one time with Luz and being able to see how good of a reader she is!
  2. Brooksie’s face when I let her help me carry milk to the storage closet.
  3. Lowellaus saying  “can I please stay wit you”
  4. Bashari telling me he missed me on the first day
  5. the hugs from the new kids that I don’t even have relationships with
  6. seeing Jena come in to apply for a BLT place
  7. Dalton wanting to help me with EVERYTHING
  8. Alexis being a wonderful leader in 1-2nd grade
  9. 1st sunset at Lake Texoma
  10. being part of a church family who is totally in love with PT
  11. Asia’s attitude
  12. Thadeus with virtually no hair
  13. impervising during Bible Lesson on Thursday
  14. watching little Jesus get into the song “Get down”
  15. making Brooksie and Alexis work together after their fight (there hasn’t been another one between them since day 1)
  16. Luz, Jesus, Emily, and Melijah wanting to read during recess rather than go outside
  17. Emily telling us on the 1st day that she was the best reader in her class this school year because of the PT reading program

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