The Magic Moments of Week 2


18. Watching Alexis and Brooksie sing Harambee songs right after I suspended Brooksie.

19. Melijah needing several band-aids each day.

20. Dior’s mom, Chandra, singing to her after she smashed her finger in the side of a chair.

21. The kindness of the Food Bank Delivery Man.

22. Bob’s awful racist remarks towards Carm.

23. Bashari asking about God when he’s in trouble. He knows exactly how to melt mine and the interns hearts.

24. The heartbreak when hearing about the questions in the 5th and 6th grade question box in Bible study: “How do I stop looking at bad things on the internet?” “How do I make my friends like me” “How do I help my parents pay the bills?”

25.Friday Experience at Crossroads, especially the art gallery and getting to meet someone of the artist.

26. Counting hundreds of Sunny D bottles. We are incredibly blessed by donors.

27. Alexis hopelessness when she’s not on her medicine and hearing her say, “I’m uncontrollable” because that has been drilled into her mind her entire life.

28. Jeffery getting sick becuase he drank 6 cartons of milk in a contest. Ewww. No more milk contest at site!


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