Week 3 and 4


33. Keller’s enthusiasm at the meetings.

34. Matthew and Keller’s creativity when making energizers.

35. Playing thumb war with Zion at lunch.

36. Watching Karen do the “Rio” energizer by the back door where no one else could see her.

37. Missing Brooksie while she’s suspended.

38. Alexis bringing her puppy to site, Mrs. Barabra having a fit, and it being a total blessing because the dog lady left after the 1st rotation so we still had a puppy.

39. Being filled with joy the day that Karina gave Brooksie her old barbies from her childhood, I couldn’t sleep I was so happy.

40. Making the best decision with Katie to get the Ala Carte Chicken and our own pot of chocolate at Simply Fondue.

41. Attempting (and failing) many times to get a picture of us jumping off the fountains at SMU.

42. Exploring downtown Dallas with Kaci, Sarah, Lexie, Evelyn, and Katie.

43. Getting a delivery from the food bank, before lunch was even served!

44. Treat bags from dinner volunteers.

45. Being incredibly grateful for Daniel’s prescence at site on Thursday.  What a day!

46. Recieving a gold star for paperwork, then realizing I have more but they just haven’t gotten to me.

47. Louie dying because I felt pressured to clean his bowl when Carm came up to clean our apartment.

48. Backing into a huge truck last Saturday…still haven’t gotten a call. Maybe they forgot.


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