Monthly Archives: December 2011

Love, Love, Love


Is it possible. 

Yes, of course. We all see those cute couples who glow when the other’s name is mentioned. Those little old couples, best friends, who sit on park benches sharing ice cream cones. It’s what we dream of. 

Do we satisfy our wants with loving others? This is my struggle. Are we capable of love? No doubts. Are we capable of the love that we are called to give. I can only hope. When I start to think about the reasons I love people, I make post about them, and then delete them due to the embrassment of my own heart. Looking on the reasons I love, it commonly comes from what the other person can do for me. Like, I love him because challenges me, I love her because she provides, I love because (fill in the blank) I look at the smallest things, and yet, fall in love with them because of the joy they bring me. 

Is it okay to setlle with loving others things because of holes in the heart that are filled with their prescence as long as we fill holes in their heart’s as well?

We are continually loved through a love that will NEVER change, in any circumstance. May that statement continue to bless me. I want and pray so badly to have the heart of Christ, to love without reason. Love without reason. But, I can’t fathom the ability to love others that way. And it’s heartbreaking. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Isn’t that we are suppose to be doing? What is we answered questions with “because I love him/her/it”, without hesitation instead of ” I love because…” phrases — phrases being “…because I love.” What if I could love without questioning the reason behind it.  

What if my words, actions, and thoughts were all developed through a love, for humanity, through Christ. This is my prayer.