Week..I lost count


Today, I had a pretty good day. The kids were pretty well behaved, except for the little guy who thought jumping off a desk was a good idea. We tried white boards for the first time in writing, and it went…OK. I have high expectations for tomorrow. But today something really special and really scary happened.

I have this one little girl in my class, who’s just super sweet and always on task. We also dress similarly every now and again. Don’t worry, I leave my J. Bieber shirts at home on school days. But, for instance, I work a pink, floral skirt one morning with a yellow shirt and she was wearing a pink skirt/ yellow shirt. Today, she was dressed in a patterned dress today like the Math teacher in my group. It’s always a game to figure out who she’s dressed like that day. But today, she asked me what I was wearing tomorrow. I responded that I wasn’t quite sure and we’d have to use our telepathic minds to dress alike tomorrow. Then, as I was telling this story to my coach and a couple other fellows a new feeling developed within me . These kids want to be like us. They are looking and watching our every move, imitating us at our best and, unfortunately, at our worst.

Tonight, my prayer is that I strive to be someone worth imitating in my classroom, in Nashville, in the world. Please join me in this prayer for me and for you.


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