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A day in the life…of a Nashvillian ! This is where I’ll try my best, so yearly, to keep you up on the things that have happened since my big move to Nashville, TN!

Understanding the Loops


So I moved to Nashville on Monday. 6 days ago. Wow.

I don’t think I’ve felt this happy and content in a long time. This past year of college was, ehh, rough. I think I’ve caught up on all the missed sleep and haven’t cried a tear since hitting the Illinois border. Life as I know it is looking up.

I do want to fill you in on something that have happened this week:


I have settled into my rather large summer living space. I live in the upstairs of an older country home North of Nashville. The lady who lives downstairs is part of the same program that I am in and she has a 17 year old daughter, 3 dogs, and 3 cats. They are a fun bunch! I look forward to getting to know the mom better as we travel to training together this upcoming week, but I’ll save all those details for the work category. The space is much larger than I imagined it would be. I’ve moved in most of my things except this one pile of clothes I keep forgetting in the backseat of my car. Speaking of clothes, my wardrobe hasn’t doubled yet, but it’s becoming much more blue and gray. I should probably start stretching my color spectrum.

The apartment isn’t permanent so I didn’t bring a lot of furniture. When I find out more specifically where I’ll be working, I’ll move closer in towards the city. Until then, let’s hear it for the 45 minute commute!

Also! I walked down the dog aisle today in Target. BIG MISTAKE. I have the feeling that my Nashville family will be growing in August. Check facebook for pictures.


Today is my mom’s 43rd Birthday!! I wish I could be with her celebrating, but let’s face it. I’ve been giving her the great gift of parenthood for 22 years and the 2200 miles or however long Illinois is long wasn’t an efficient use of time. I’m looking forward to the family coming down and moving me in once I get settled into a permanent location.

Tomorrow, my cousin graduates from college! Again, wishing I could be there. I guess it’s time to start saving to fly in for her wedding? (Hopefully, it’s in Hawaii!)

Work: I guess you should know in February, I got accepted to be a Nashville Teaching Fellow. It is a program in Nashville and in several other cities (with different names of course, but all part of The New Teacher Project (TNTP)). Throughout this summer, I will be teaching Summer School to students in the Metro Nashville Public Schools to improve my already stellar teaching skills. I am currently applying to schools in the MNPS district and will keep you updated when I land my dream job!

More specific details about the program: I had orientation on Thursday. It was very insightful and kind of overwhelming. There are around 180 of us. Three from Missouri. Three born on February 18th, that I know of so far! Tuesday we hit the ground running with training and next Monday I will start teaching. I’m sure I’ll have to create a whole new blog filled with quotes and stories from the classroom. So keep your eyes open for that!

First experiences:

I went to breakfast yesterday with a friend from Project Transformation to a kinda famous and really hipster place called the Phunky Griddle. It was my second time at the restaurant, which I realize in contradicting to place it under the “first experiences” category, but as we were leaving we heard some music but didn’t know where it was coming from. As we made it further down the road we saw this group of three who were singing! We pulled into the “Curious Heart Emporium” and right in front of us was this little band singing live music, for FREE. They had laid out quilts and everything under this huge shade tree. It was so fun and totally Nashville. When you come to visit me, I’ll look so see if there is any other free concerts with quilts and shade trees because it was so fun! It was also at the intersection of a road called “Heather PL” so I think it was more than a coincidence that we found it!

Last night on my way home from helping set up for the arrival of the 2013 Project Transformation interns, I drove right up to my first experience with mile long traffic to find drunk drivers. I was happy to participate in the sobriety line because of my personal views on first drinking and then drinking and driving. I passed with flying colors as I’m sure most of you are not surprised.

I’ve also managed to get lost several times. I’m trying not to use my GPS too many times so I can really learn my way around the neighborhoods. Luckily, I’ve taken the same wrong turns and have figured my way home every time.